Yunus Khan

from Kalpi

Yunus khan was born On 15 May 1991, in Old Government Hospital infront of Kalpi Post Office (currently Rose Buds School) Kalpi Distt. Jalaun Uttar Pradesh. The early education was obtained from the social welfare Balwadi school Kalpi, which was only up to the 3rd class.

After the death of the father at the age of 5, due to the poor health of the house, he had to leave in the 3rd class and at the age of 9, Started going to the Tailor Master's shop to learn work, after some time the Maternal Uncle Took you home with Kanpur.

In Jajmau, Kanpur, I started to work with a car mechanic so that could become dependent in future. Learned the job of a car mechanic for almost 2 years, unfortunately due to being a serious accident he was in bed for 1 Year. After recovering, due to the accident, Maternal Uncle started to learn the work of one of his Painter (artist) friends.

After learning painter's job, near about, also worked for 10 years at the same place, mother wanted to get further education because studying is also necessary along with work (there is no age of reading, mother says it again and again. Were). He started his education along with work by filling up the 9th class from a school in Rawatpur, Kanpur. Failed in the first year 10th, after that he studied hard and got B.A. without fail in any class. Took education till now (used to keep 2 books of each subject in one shop and one in home).
After 12th, I did English speaking course and after some years I also taught English in an institute. After learning the work and getting education, I came back to my home at Kalpi, opened a printing press and started the propaganda work which by the grace of God has now taken the form of a company.
Father Late Shahzad Khan was the natives Village Bilhapur, Distt. Kanpur Dehat. And was a farmer by profession. Due to poor condition of Mali, he came and settled in Kalpi along with the family in 1975 and to take care of the family Opened a paan shop in Kalpi and took care of the family. A few years later, one day he died by tying electric wire in the thunder water on the road. After going through all these situations, today God has given an opportunity that I may serve the society with full loyalty and honesty.

Never be afraid to take risk in life, my friend, because there is never any harm in taking risk! Either "win" and if you lose, you will get "learning".

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